Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday showery offerings; mystery bird quiz

Not alot to report except some minor activity on Lookout Hill top per Adam Welz, and the Midwood north Tunnel Arch stairs & Flatbush berm per Mary Eyster. A TENNESEE WARBLER(TEWA)  in a mix of birds, 7 warblers that included the TEWA.

From Mary:

 I walked through today from Park Circle to GAP, through the midwood and edge of Vale (but there was a crew in there).  The most activitiy I was in was  the area near the broken stairway (the mid-way platform) where I had 4 or 5 species, including Tennessee.  Also active along the western berm along Flatbush.  It was raining, but when the rain stopped birds came out a bit.  Had 7 species of warblers, and a few other "regulars."  Still Chimney Swifts around too.  OH, and a lot of hummingbirds.

Mary Jo Eyster


On the big day Saturday, Mary and I spotted a warbler way up in the elm grove at Butterfly Meadow south end. Hard to tell with sunlight splashed upon it, I asked Cindy Cage to take pictures of it. Viewing the pics last night, I ascertained the speices of this difficult call. I'll tell later if you want to have fun figuring it out.
(photos by Cindy Cage)