Monday, September 9, 2013

Prospect's COWA continues ; GWC report

The fall prize continues,  the continuing CONNECTICUT WARBLER (COWA) relocating ( no address forwarded) to the main gate of the Quaker Cemetery on Center Drive. Seen in the ragweed/brushy area to the left of the gate, Bobbi Manian, after spending the BBC weekend in Jersey, found her hopeful reward in seeing this known skulker in excellent views along the edge of the bridle trail around 3 pm. I stopped by after work  approximately 345 pm but did not find it again.Too many high school runners in the area and other heightened  human presence might have been a factor and hence the COWA "skulked"...

At least The COWA is sticking around for others to see. Originally seen last Friday in the southwest corner woods of lower Lookout Hill, it travelled along likely the southwest /west slope of Lookout to its new location. Good luck in finding this rare species and hopefully it stays out of the cemetery !


Greenwood Cemetery , Orrin Tilevitz

Some warbler activity on the south end of the Dell Water.

Eastern phoebe
Eastern wood pewee
American redstart
Black and white warbler
Chestnut-sided warbler (immature)
Rock dove
America robin
Monk parakeet
Northern flicker
House sparrow
Northern mockingbird
Cedar waxwing
Mourning dove
Great egret
Palm warbler
Gray catbird
Spotted sandpiper
Mallard duck
Wood duck
Canada goose
Great blue heron
Warbling vireo (heard)
European starling