Friday, August 8, 2014

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

From Orrin

The wooded part of the Native Plant Garden had at least 6 warbler or vireo species, and none of the ones I saw was a yellow warbler or a black-and-white.  I identified a northern waterthrush (one of 4 I saw in the Garden), at least one American redstart, a palm warbler, and a warbling vireo.  Then there was a freshly-washed guy with an eye-ring and someone else the underside of whose tail whose outlined in black and otherwise seemed to have a clear breast--your guess is as good as mine.

Here is a complete list of what I ID'ed:

Blue Jay
American goldfinch
Gray catbird
Northern cardinal
Downy woodpecker
Northern waterthrush (4 total)
American robin
Song sparrow
Black-capped chickadee (several)
House sparrow
Cedar waxwing
American redstart
Warbling vireo
House wren
Palm warbler
Chipping sparrow