Monday, August 11, 2014

Catbird rescue

A Gray Catbird is fortunate it had good friends  to come to its rescue while it struggled and certainty would have expired within the hour. Will Pollard spotted the bird hooked up on fishing lure and line  high up in a Hackberry tree on the Peninsula shoreline. His tweet bought Rob Jett who alerted my coworker Marty Woess.

A call to the arborist Jared Kuhn who with his climbing expertise got the bird down after cutting the small limb and carefully lowering down the limb to Marty who cut the line and worked afterwards on removing the lure from the birds bloody beak

At last report, the bird at Sean Casey animal rescue says the outlook looks good for the bird ,being checked on by vets.

Again,its the bad behavior of fishermen who fish in restricted areas and leave behind dangerous stuff that's oftentimes a deathtrap for wildlife.. If you see tangled lines lures, etc, email me or text. thanks

PS Carry as habit a plastic bag every time you go out and please pick up discarded fishing line and material when u see some.It helps if everyone pitches in for the birds and wildlife.