Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fwd: Aug. 14th morning walk

Prospect reptd by Eni Falci

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Hi Peter-

Too nice a day to stay away from the park and good winds last night so hopeful  of new arrivals. Met us with Gus by chance and we walked the Lullwater to Ricks & Pools by way of the horse path to Ravine.  Highlight of day was  probable Louisiana Waterthrush in Ambergils Waterfall.
Green Heron 3 juv. on log in Lullwater still had downy head feathers
Great Blue Heron flyby Lullwater
Mallard female with 3 juv.
Wood ducks numerous females and juv. on upper pool
Mute Swan 1 w/5 signets
Mourning dove
Belted Kingfisher heard Gus saw it before we met
Downy Woodpecker
Red bellied Woodpecker heard
Eastern Wood Pewee calling and seen wood above Ricks
Eastern Kingbird
Warbling Vireo
Blue Jays
Barn Swallow
House Wren 2 adults w/juv. feeding - wood above Ricks]
Robin numerous juv.
Catbirds numerous
Cedar Waxwings
Yellow Warbler
American Redstarts many horse trail behind music pagoda
Black & White
Northern Waterthrush  1Ricks,3 Lullwater
Louisiana Waterthrush Ambergills falls (probable)
Balt. Oriole 2 juv. lullwater
Common Grackle