Friday, August 29, 2014

Early observation Prospect

Better numbers of birds seen , only observed atop Lookout Hill meadows, compared to warmer previous days. A number of warblers were seen in the elm grove between the meadows,flycatchers evidently seen.

Only an hour to spare before checking in for work at 7, I made the most of it. Its early yet so birding should be better after the sunrise spell. Of the warblers I saw in the elm grove to Butterfly Meadow's pin oak at the northwest corner, my fall season first BLUE-WINGED WARBLER tops my personal list. There were CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLERS, REDSTARTS, COMMON YELLOW THROAT , RED EYED VIREOS to add.Two EASTERN WOOD PEWEES in an upper Meadow snag , the flycatchers chasing each other was interesting. Wished I had more time but I cant show up at the office on a sick day  ;) ( though we get to leave by 130 for the holiday weekend. )

best of luck to birders today.