Friday, August 15, 2014

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Green-Wood Cemetery this morning.  Birds of interest were a great-crested flycatcher, a pair of blue-gray gnatcatchers, and three warbler species.  Here is the complete list, in the order seen:

Great blue heron
Monk parakeet (on the ground)
Rock dove
Northern mockingbird (many, including juveniles)
Red-bellied woodpecker
Baltimore oriole (3)
Northern cardinal
Blue jay
Chipping sparrow
Great egret
American redstart (a handful)
Gray catbird
American robin
European starling
House sparrow
Chimney swift
Great crested flycatcher
Black and white warbler
Tufted titmouse (heard)
Cedar waxwing (heard)
Yellow warbler (several near Sylvan Water)
Song sparrow
Blue-gray gnatcatcher (2 near Sylvan water)