Saturday, August 2, 2014


A short stroll into the park for lightweight birding on this cool summer day revealed a few good observations.

Among the Lake BARN SWALLOWS,I spotted a lone BANK SWALLOW in the northwest sector.A GREAT EGRET perched on 3 Sisters Islands.

Further on, a stop by of Upper Pool, my hope for an early water thrush,instead I found 5 WOOD DUCKS. Some were in molt.

And breeding birds still occur. AMERICAN ROBINS for one; but a wonderful scene with this species as 6 juveniles bathe in the out rushing water of Falkill Falls.An even more cute scene happened on field #4 , at second base.3 fledgling BARN SWALLOWS in a triangle position all waited for their parent to come by and feed them. Funny watching them.

Eni reported YELLOW WARBLERS as her hi light after we met earlier,with Vinny.Below is her brief report. Tomorrow is her walk for vacationing Michele from the boathouse 8 am.

From Eni Falci

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Hi Peter-
Today was a pleasant day to walk in the park. The meadow at the side of the Lullwater bridge was a nursery of Swans and Mallards with 5 signets and 3 ducklings respectively.  The highlight was the influx of Yellow warblers. One at the Terrace bridge with Numerous Cedar Waxwings, Red Eyed Vireo and Catbirds and 4 more Yellow Warblers  on the Thumb of the Peninsula. Also had Eastern Kingbird, Black Crown Night Heron mature and juvenile, Barn Swallows, juvenile red winged black birds, Red Bellied Woodpecker and a duck that looked like a female Ringed Neck Duck. Plenty of Robins, Starlings, Mourning Doves, Cardinals, Grackles and Canadian Geese.
Hoping for more early Migrants tomorrow morning.
Eni & Vinnie