Thursday, August 7, 2014

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North winds overnight, mid-summer dispersal, shorebird migration, a sunny day and a good deal of patience combined for some interesting viewing this morning at Green-Wood Cemetery, including 4 warbler species, and 2 sandpiper species (spotted and lesser yellowlegs) at the Sylvan Water.  But it looks like things are beginning early.

Monk parakeet
Northern mockingbird
American robin
European starling
Rock Dove
Northern waterthrush (1 at Valley Water, 2 at Dell Water)
Barn swallow
Yellow warbler (several juveniles)
Eastern kingbird
Song sparrow
Mourning dove
Chipping sparrow
Downy woodpecker (pair)
Canada goose (2 on Crescent Water, chased onto it by biped flapping big plastic wings and blowing eagle whistle, who then drove away in pickup, leaving said geese afloat)
Gray catbird
Great blue heron (flew away in response to above-mentioned whistle)
Black-crowned night heron
Cedar waxwing (many, including juveniles)
House finch
Black & white warbler
American redstart
White-breasted nuthatch
Black-capped chickadee (heard)
Northern cardinal (juvenile)
Spotted sandpiper (juvenile) (picture)
Lesser yellowlegs
Great egret (picture)
chimney swifts

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