Friday, August 22, 2014


From Linda Ewing

Hi, Peter! As I mentioned when I saw you this morning, I had good luck with 
water thrushes (northern, I presume, but I don't pretend to be able to tell them 
apart): 6 sightings of at least 3 birds . . . in the Vale, by the south side of 
the Lake (across from 3 sisters), and repeatedly in the Lullwater (probably 
multiple birds but not sure). 

Highlight was a male indigo bunting - molting  but with lots  of blue visible - 
by the butterfly meadow.  Also on Lookout were both northern and orchard 

Other than that: lots and lots of black and white warblers, yellow warblers and 
hummingbirds. Also saw at least two spotted sandpipers working the south shore 
of the lake.


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Eni Falci and Michele Dreger also reported several waterthrushes as well possibly a Louisiana at Ricks Place.