Monday, January 2, 2017

Fwd: New Year's Day stroll in Prospect

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From: "Sean Zimmer" <>
Date: Jan 2, 2017 9:45 AM
Subject: New Year's Day stroll in Prospect
To: "Peter Dorosh" <>

Hi Peter,

Yesterday I took a late-morning walk in Prospect Park. All was relatively quiet; my best sighting by far was a standoff between a Red-Tailed Hawk and a Cooper's Hawk in the Vale. Both birds were perched at the north end of the Vale, sizing each other up - the Red-Tailed didn't seem as agitated as the Cooper's, who clearly did not like the larger raptor being so close by.  
I also went by the mulching piles behind the zoo, and saw good activity for a large mixed flock of white-throated sparrows, goldfinches, chickadees and other usual suspects. 
All the best and Happy New Year!