Friday, January 27, 2017

Prospect feeders

Prospect feeders , though not having seen anything truly rare in this off season, nevertheless provide much nourishment for our regular avian winter visitors. Having done my weekly seed refill, a few moments watching the feeders did allow me to see a few nice birds.

Foremost among the nice species, the lingering RED BREASTED NUTHATCH kept making quick stops among the different feeders. Zipping thru the 5 BLACK CAPPED CHICKADEE flock, this spunky nuthatch looks like it's breast got redder. Maybe it was just the winter light, but color we can appreciate right now. Speaking of red, the FOX SPARROW sought out fallen seed on the ground, adjacent to the pole; so that big sparrow is also hanging around. Among the assortment of feeder visitors, WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCH, TUFTED TITMOUSE, RED WINGED BLACKBIRD, WHITE THROATED SPARROW and DOWNY WOODPECKER made visits.

I ran into Elyse Taylor at the feeders. She mentioned that coming into the 3rd Street park entrance, she spotted a pair of GOLDEN CROWNED KINGLET. Though uncommon we do find these birds hanging around in wintertime.Its a cool bird to enjoy watching , their spunky nature matching the Red breasted Nuthatch's fervor.