Monday, January 30, 2017

White winged gulls whoopi de dah

An astounding event this early morning on Prospect Lake regarding both white winged gulls species. Both ICELAND and GLAUCOUS were reported, with the former outnumbering the latter 2 to 1.

Dennis Hrehowsik tweeted out first at 8:34 the GLAUCOUS GULL the larger species ( relative to larger than Herring Gull) seen in the Lake west-middle between Three Sisters and West Islands.

Then I rode towards to Lake for a look, I ran into Rob Bate who by then tweeted out that the Glaucous had left. But before it took off, it was seen at the same time with two ICELAND GULLS!
I haven't heard ever three such birds together simultaneously on Prospect Lake. With nearby Bush Terminal Pier park reporting regularly both species, its likely these gulls were from that site. I was lucky to see the one Iceland Gull, sitting  in the Lake middle halfway between Three Sisters and the Peninsula south shore.Nevertheless a great report to hear of these rare gulls visiting Prospect Lake.

On a lesser note, 7 is a great number . AS I mentioned yesterday with the 7 Ringnecked Ducks ( not seen today ) , 7 WOOD DUCKS  remain consistently on Upper Pool, three drake with the 4 hens.
The other noted duck species though just two, was the reappearance of the RED BREASTED MERGANSERS in the lake west section.