Sunday, January 29, 2017

Magnificent 7

One of the most handsome Eastern ducks not known for flashy color but rather bold order of contrasting hues is the RINGNECKED DUCK.When Karen O' Hearn tweeted out the report from southwest Prospect Lake, I made a trek there.

And sure as reported by West Island I could see seven magnificent looking drake RINGNECKED DUCKS wading away from the island towards 3 Sisters Islands;the great looking flock settled near those Islands.I made headway there where I caught observing again, the flock wading back towards West Island cove. While I watched from the Hammerhead Peninsula, they eventually crept closer to the island shore where they settled under a water snag,typical behavior for this skittish species.I'm glad I made the effort to see this another personal  favorite species.

There was another beauty on the water,a Drake WOOD DUCK. This lone bird took French fry scraps from a passerby at the base of the Duck Island gazebo shelter.

Yesterday's Mergansers were gone.Like through a revolving door,they left and the Ringnecks came in today; that's what make different days special and anticipatory. However the hen BUFFLEHEAD didn't obliged,opting to stick to the same spot yesterday,diving in front of Music Island by the rink.

The SNOW GEESE remain as well. From my rink spot,I scoped and saw the distant pair white geese behind Three Sisters;later they are very close to me at West Island shelter,feeding on the lawn before a small kid chased them.I took a phone photo.( no not the naughty kid)

Last the feeders are quiet as usual. Like Warner brothers Speedy Gonzales, the RED BREASTED NUTHATCH hit and ran so fast at the yellow feeder I barely had a millisecond look; it never returned. Maybe it went for French fries.