Sunday, January 1, 2017

new years right state of mind

Its important for anyone to start a new year with the right positive state of mind.As birding goes,its all in perspective, appreciating the beauty of nature,and its vagaries, that gets us a good chuckle at times.

My Brooklyn Bird club walk to Bush Terminal park and the waterfront there was uneventful. But we,ten strong didnt care: its a gorgeous unseasonably warm day and we just wanted to get out and experience the new year celebration.Seven species duck and possibly a very distant Iceland Gull was all nature would entertain us.It was good though seeing an AMERICAN KESTREL gingerly balancing itself on the tall chain link ballfield fence. Follow-up visits to the Army Terminal pier and Owls Head park,Veterans pier didn't see anything rare or spectacular.But hey,its a new year and we are so very alive!

I did wanted badly to get the Iceland Gull that was hanging out at Bush Terminal early in the week.Joshua said he saw it prior our arrival, but distant in NY bay.But no luckfor us. It did give me great amusement , a light chuckle when I got off the F train; a tweet from Bobbi Manian at 1:41 was the reason for my shrugging my shoulders and just accepting what fate is: she just saw the ICELAND GULL at Prospect Lake's West Island. Ho - HUM!

PS the  two SNOW GEESE still remain at West Island rustic shelter shoreline. Also RINGNECKED DUCK and HOODED MERGANSER also reported on the lake.

Happy New Year! Stay positive and stress free in '17...