Monday, January 23, 2017

winter action on Brooklyn's industrial coast

While i was away upstate looking for owls with friends, a few reports came in of nice action at Bush Terminal pier park.This park is best known for its winter action given its safe harbor areas that attract gulls and ducks.

During foggy conditions,Joshua Malbin reported both white winged gulls. ICELAND followed a GLAUCOUS late Sunday morning.Later Daisy Paul tweets a sighting of CANVASBACK a terrific sighting for the park.

This morning the good gull continues though a mile southwest at Brooklyn army Terminal pier 4.Bobbi Manian and Peter Paul Ebird reported BLACKHEADED GULL on the pier.its possible its the same bird from Coney Island creek a week ago. Then again, maybe theres more.In any case, winter action at these sites are good reasons to visit them.