Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Iceland Gull morning on Prospect Lake

The trend continues with a pair of ICELAND GULLS seen in Prospect Lake west middle in early morning. Thanks to Sean Sime and Doug Gochfeld, I was able to get fantastic views through their scope of both rare gulls.

Responding to Karen O'Hearn's tweet, I of course made a slow beeline from Breeze Hill towards the west shore of the lake. There I found both Sean and Doug scoping . Because I forgot my bins at the office, I was glad to see the birds in the scope. The first bird was a bright juvenile Iceland Gull, calmly wading around. Then Doug took the scope to look for the other guy. That sighting revealed a much darker white and smaller size Iceland, maybe gene lines along the Kumlien's type. In any case , I would have missed that latter pretty much by a mile...

Glad to see the Iceland action continue !  It might be best to keep checking the lake from 8 am to 830 or up to nine am for the gulls. Bring a scope.


Addendum: the actual number of Iceland gulls simultaneously was 3.there was a flyover above the water gulls