Thursday, January 26, 2017

merg afternoon

RED BREASTED MERGANSER continue to be today's top species.A mixed pair was the antidote for a mixed bag of weather from early morn raindrops to peeking sun then stiff chilly breezy afternoon.

Sitting placidly in a quiet corner of Northwest Prospect Lake, the handsome merganser pair look quite quaint. The close pair was joined by a pair of PIED BILLED GREBEs that caught up with them,hung at tail' s end before wading towards the Western shore. I observed a third PIED bill by Peninsula cove making three noteworthy for the lake.

Yesterday I forgot to mention the pair of SNOW GEESE. Sticking true to the mainland opposite Duck Island, the white geese stayed close to the Canada geese.That island channel should be renamed Goose Strait IMHO.