Sunday, April 30, 2017

back home

Back home after two weeks in the San Diego area having first reason welcomed  the birth of my great niece born April 24th. After that sightseeing ,birding and hope for objectives of new species.

The Anza-Borrego desert and Joshua tree National Park are truly spectacular places, scenic wonders and some birds found there.But it was Salton Sea that yield my hope for bird and two WARBLER surprises. At Sonny Bono Salton Sea National wildlife refuge,I found Greater Roadrunner ,a cooperative bird I saw below from a dike road,giving me 40 seconds look. Then at my lunch spot picnic table within a circular parking lot, after finding Verdin above,I spotted movement in a Palo Verde tree. Curiosity found me my first male Townsend's WARBLER. Even better a few seconds later, to my great surprise, with it, a spectacular first find, a beautiful Hermit WARBLER. So, for this warbler lover, regardless what I missed here East, those two Western warblers are memorable. About ten new lifers to report on casual vacationing.

While in my absence, Prospect was buzzing since Friday I gathered. Reports of BLUE GROSBEAK,CASPIAN TERN,PROTHONOTARY WARBLER KENTUCKY WARBLER,WORMEATING WARBLER.I need a day or so to rest, as my red eyed flight was turbulent and left me sleep deprived, and i will get back to normal routine.

Till then,