Friday, April 7, 2017

Sylvan Water vortex

A "vortex" ( that I'm emphasizing in a droll sense) of five
NORTHERN ROUGH WINGED SWALLOWS occurred at the Sylvan Water in Greenwood Cemetery this afternoon. Sean Sime tweeted this report out on the What App Kings and Queens Bird alert. In a previous post Orrin Tilevitz also reported the spot being most active where else is quiet.Its a good number of this species in one spot particularly GWC.

It should warm up this weekend so it remains to be seen what birds come through. But I say given the gloomy weather week , the sun would be a welcomed sight and birds egged on by the warmth come through.

A late report from Kathy at 330 mentions the Upper Pool as active with BLUE GRAY GNATCATCHER, PINE & PALM WARBLERS , both KINGLET SPECIES , EASTERN PHOEBES and HERMIT THRUSH.

I spotted 39 NORTHERN SHOVELERS on Prospect Lake that still includes the two SNOW GEESE by West Island.