Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Lowa kaput

Louisiana Water thrush was a no-show on this quiet day, a quick migrant at least from the Ravine yesterday. I had no luck despite looking . I should perhaps tried harder and look under the stones.

Instead of one warbler,I saw another that I settle for wholeheartedly.After work by the Upper pool boat ramp,a PINE WARBLER popped into a large shrub and moved quickly as I strained my eyes against the harsh backlight.

I could report a new bird. Karen O'Hearn reported spotting BLUE GRAY GNATCATCHER by West Island; it appeared above the benches before Karen lost sight of it flying to West Island.

Wood Ducks remain quite a number at 18 on the Upper Pool.

And lingering SNOW GEESE pair on the Lake's West shore,with one of them looking whiter I think;for late birds,they missed their flight?