Saturday, April 15, 2017

PROSPEÇT warblers including YTWA

Topping the list of a few warblers reported today was a late afternoon report of YELLOW THROATED WARBLER. Other WARBLER quality species happened in the morning.

Karen O'hearn tweeted out the Yellow throated WARBLER seen by Lily Pool near the Music Pagoda, opposite the green shipping containers.That sighting seen before 430.

In the morning PRAIRIE and OVENBIRD were few of the reported I read on Twitter..The PRAIRIE sang, getting the attention of the Linnanean Society group at the Lullwater Rustic Arbor. Ovenbird appeared in the Rose Garden above the Vale of Cashmere.Both are early birds.

WHITE EYED VIREO came in today.That species surfaced in the Vale in the large Willow Oak according to Ed Crowne.