Saturday, April 8, 2017


This particular time of the year is when we look for overshoots or strays from the southern breeders.In particular regards Yellow throated Warblers. Marc Brawer is man of the hour as he found one in English Ivy across from Prospects Boathouse.

When I received a tweet from Ed Crowne at Brooklyn Bridge Park,I had to laugh. Because I planned today's Brooklyn Bird Club field trip around small Brooklyn Parks with Fort Greene on the agenda- last year' s Yellow throated WARBLER (YTWA)visitation on this day- I had the day right but the wrong place. I guess I have to send back my defective crystal ball; I wonder if Walmart will refund my money. My trip details later as the prospect YTWA needs more storytelling.

From early reports,vague then to me,the YTWA hung out opposite the boathouse.It became clear later the full details. Early morning Marc happened upon a puzzling bird in or near English Ivy on a small slope along the trail by the Binnen Falls trail and platform.Ed came along by chance and identified the bird. This YTWA is one of the most cooperative YTWA I heard and saw, on the ground and low for many observers to view , from the original spot to the Lullwater Bridge. I swung by about 2 PM with some of my group and profited immensely with this rare WARBLER scouring the shoreline wall ,likely picking off crevice insects. From 8: 45 to almost 3 PM, this YTWA gave its all for everyone who came a checklist bird even a life bird for my group member s. On last report I heard it flew to the south Lullwater Rustic Arbor. No reports came since then.

Overshadowed by the YTWA,a good bird in its own right when found in Prospect, RED THROATED LOON appeared! Something about throats today in Prospect ,huh? Karen O' Hearn found the basic plumage loon on Prospect Lake where it lingered for me to see it by 330 PM.

In other spots,Greenwood Cemetery's Water spots held sway. Over Sylvan ,reports of NORTHERN ROUGH WINGED SWALLOWS continue with a reported high of 13 birds. Over at Crescent Water LOUISIANA waterthrush,PINE & PALM WARBLERS checked in. A GREAT EGRET visited both water spots.

On my BBC walk, my best sighting - ICELAND GULL- continues at Bush Terminal park.The bright immature gull sat on the end of the broken pier that starts from the park entrance gate. A nearby GREAT CORMORANT perched on a piling. LESSER SCAUPs continue in the South cove, as COMMON RAVEN called out close by; Raven flew over us at Brooklyn Bridge Park pier One.