Monday, April 10, 2017

post work walk, other day reports

My walk on a then quite warm day turned up welcomed sightings.As my goal was to to find a waterthrush, which I almost saw, single WARBLER species came in

At the back view of the Upper Pool, three WARBLER species got on my list.Thanks to a new birder Justin,a PINE,PALM & YELLOW RUMPED WARBLER  flew close in ,with the Pine picking off insects or gnats hovering off the big tree next to the fence.Linda spotted a waterthrush but it disappeared quickly and I missed by seconds.Its identity uncertain, we blew it off trying to wait for it to come back

Later I found Kathy, Linda and another birder looking at a RUSTY BLACKBIRD on the opposite shore of the Ambergill pool.It took me time to find the dark bird among the wet leaves.

I went off to look for the Solitary sandpiper.I had no luck; Kathy said one had to have patience for the bird to show itself.

Kathy mentioned that she saw the seasons first BLACK AND WHITE WARBLER at Terrace Bridge.Another birder I ran into said he found one at Music Pagoda.Also new was BLUE HEADED VIREO in the Ravine reported by Tripper Paul around 1:57. Tripper witnessed a Cooper's hawk battling a Kestrel as an Osprey flew by above the Nethermead.

Sean Sime meanwhile held a personal hawk watch at Greenwsood Cemetery. Slow and steady he says seeing NORTHERN HARRIER,COOPERS HAWK,SHARPSHINNED HAWK,RED SHOULDERED HAWK,AMERICAN KESTREL ,RED TAILED HAWK ,MERLIN & even BALD EAGLE.Oh a bunch of double created cormorants too.