Thursday, April 13, 2017

Brief notes

A more quiet day except for scanty reports in  Prospect and the Yellow Throated Warbler reported yesterday.

Upper Pool was the site of GREEN HERON this morning with scattered warblers reported lately. The LOUISIANA WATERTHUSH visited the Lower Pool observed by the first BBC thursday walk. Their report is pending.

NORTHERN PARULA WARBLER came quite close at the Terrace Bridge , sharing the moment with BLUE GRAY GNATCATCHER and BLACK CAPPED CHICKADEE. ( Mike Yuan)

RUSTY BLACKBIRD continues at Lower Pool  reported by Paige Linden.

And an interesting report about the Yellow Throated Warble;Joshua Malbin mentioned that Wendy Lotus spotted the bird at the Brooklyn Botanic garden yesterday. She took a picture of the bird on the lawn.No further details given.