Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A loon call,good birds show up

The haunting call of the COMMON LOON reverberated over the waters of Prospect Lake, perhaps a call to the good birds to show up.

Marc Brawer described the loon call as eerie when he heard it at the lake. I know,as having heard it on a vacation in New Hampshire years ago.It's a call that raises the hairs on the back of your neck,a mournful like yodeling.

Though maybe those good birds heard it over at Greenwood Cemetery,both BLUE GROSBEAK & SUMMER TANAGER continue at the Sylvan Water. Paige Linden Brams who reported these birds,also mentioned seeing a WOOD THRUSH on the Spirea path.

Back at Prospect,the show continues to be two YELLOW THROATED WARBLERS.At their usual locations- back of Lower Pool & Terrace Bridge,I was able to finally see the Terrace guy despite strong sunlight.It was there again 4 pm. The Terrace bird stayed on the south side of the bridge,frequenting the big ash trees.A very cooperative bird whereas the Lower pool bird was not for me opting shyness.

The tree snag in the water at Lower Pool is a great warbler trap. All day a PRAIRIE WARBLER flew all over the place,along with several PINE WARBLERS & RUBY CROWNED KINGLET I observed after work with Matt Beck. Even a GREAT EGRET landed on the red maple snag. Keep loyal to this spot for the next whole month,even do a big sit.

Other notables are worthy reporting .A
 LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH continues at the Ravine creek; GREEN HERON in the Lullwater; and early RED EYED VIREO per John also Ryan.

Thanks to John,Mike,and Charles for spotting the YTWA. It's great to have good people around helping to get the good birds.

And last,as I spotted an Osprey overhead,a comedy shop at Prospect Lake just before six pm. In a high count I can't remember,I counted 54 LAUGHING GULLS all bathing,preening,telling jokes...just kidding. That loon call was quite a blast.