Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Cool birds ( or cold bird?) On a cold day

This depessingly cold and mostly overcast week marked by record rainfall gets the birders spirits down; until cool bird species counter the malaise. Several good species today were found in Prospect and Greenwood Cemetery late afternoon.

It's now confirmed that there are TWO YELLOW THROATED WARBLERS. About the same time Paige Linden Brams saw the one on the big water snag in front of the Lower Pool back gate,almost simultaneously Rob Bate tweeted the YTWA seen at Terrace Bridge pines.On my lunch hour,I looked for both but missed by minutes when my lunch ended.

A revisit to both spots after work still found me no YTWA. But as compensation,I settled for a terrific looking PRAIRIE WARBLER using the water snag as its domain. An EASTERN PHOEBE,PALM WARBLER ,RUBY CROWNED KINGLET and a PINE WARBLER joined in.

Will Pollard had himself a great hour over in Greenwood. At Sylvan water,Will found a BLUE GROSBEAK. That's not all.In the same area,he added SUMMER TANAGER and INDIGO BUNTING,all after 4 pm.