Thursday, April 19, 2018

Dreary weather keeps down the good birds

Dreary overcast cold weather continues to plague our area but perhaps that climate keeps down the good birds. SUMMER TANAGER, BLUE GROSBEAK and YELLOW THROATED WARBLERS continue their remarkable stay , certainly not one day wonders.

The story over at Greenwood Cemetery's Sylvan Water continued to be the Summer Tanager and Blue Grosbeak. Hanging out mostly at the east slope of the Sylvan Water, both rarities are putting in their colorful display, both male adult birds. Rob Bate reported in his observations and Orrin Tilevitz posted a pic of the Tanager seen in a previous post.

Meanwhile here in Prospect, at least one YELLOW THROATED WARBLER stuck around as I haven't heard today of the Terrace Bridge bird. Tom Stephenson leading his Thursday walk reported the Lower Pool backwater bird along with the PRAIRIE WARBLER still here and several PINE and PALM WARBLERS.

I seem to have no luck with the Lower Pool Yellow throated. I suspect the bird has a twitter account that notifies it of my oncoming presence , four times I visited this location with no luck. But the Prairie adores me apparently , four times it appeared the number of times I visited the last few days. I also spotted a LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH  among the down maple tree branches before it descended to the shoreline where a White throated Sparrow was spotted.