Saturday, April 28, 2018

Late bloomers in Prospect

The good stuff appeared late morning as fog developed overnight. The hilight were two high quality Warblers that multiple observers were rewarded to along with other good birds elsewhere in a good migration day.

The two prized Warblers was PROTHONOTARY and KENTUCKY.

The golden bird of dark swamps first appeared by the Pools. In late morning thru early afternoon,the PROTHONOTARY entertained countless birders at Ambergill Falls,venturing at times downstream through the Ravine; then back again to the Ambergill Falls ,below from the Rock Arch bridge. A really cool bird to watch,very cooperative and worth pursuing.

Not far from there,the Binnen creek behind the Music Pagoda had its own special guest: KENTUCKY WARBLER. A good number of birders watched the skulky furtive bird walking along the creek.It too ventured a little bit,out towards the bridle trail. Later with Simon T and Melanie,I played my hunch it went into the Midwood where Simon spotted it briefly on a fallen timber along the bridle trail. We searched in vain not able to relocate it.

YELLOW WARBLERS seemed to be reported in various places. Other Warblers are usual Black and White,Northern Waterthrush,Black throated Green and so on.

At Ambergill pool,I noted a RUSTY BLACKBIRD where also BLUE HEAED VIREO showed up,bathing. White eyed VIREO was reported elsewhere.

In the under restoration Vale of Cashmere ,ORCHARD ORIOLES dominated. At least three were found,joined by a BALTIMORE ORIOLE. One of the Orchards was an immature.

Greenwood Cemetery though quietly represented today ,found its mark mark with HOODED WARBLER. From Karen O @KarenOhearn: Hooded warbler by hillside mausoleum . A late afternoon YELLOW THROATED VIREO surfaced in the alerts.

It should still be a good Sunday of birding. Have patience for the long haul.

For more details and other bird sightings check out the Twitter feed Brooklyn Bird Alert.