Friday, April 27, 2018

Raindrops birds

A tough birding day with the chill and raindrops. There wasn't much to report of course with low activity but there were a few notable species found by birders.

Greenwood cemetery's northwest corner remains a great spot for rarity. Along with the bright continuing BLUE GROSBEAK rediscovered by Daisy Paul at Sylvan Water,Karen O'hearn found an ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER just inside the 4th ave exit , five minutes from Sylvan Waters northwest perimeter.

Earlier in the morning,Tom Preston had a WORM EATING WARBLER at the south slope of Sylvan and in the area WILSONS SNIPE.

I went out early myself on an off day with little luck. However I was happy finding GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER at Butterfly meadow and NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH at Lower Pool back gate.

Will Pollard at the Lower pool observed AMERICAN REDSTART and BLACK THROATED GREEN WARBLER. The Warblers are fighting the elements!