Friday, April 20, 2018

Yellow throated warblers on the move

After a whole week staying loyal to their respective locations, the Terrace Bridge and Lower Pool backwater, it appears both YELLOW THROATED WARBLERS are on the move.

With no tweets or texts coming from the usual spots, both reports today assuming its those birds came from far different locales. One report from Gabriel Willow sited a YELLOW THROATED WARBLER at West island , a far reach from whichever bird it was ,maybe the Terrace Bridge bird.. Then in after noon, Rob Bate observed a YELLOW THROATED WARBLER by the Lullwater Bridge , across from the Boathouse. That could be the Lower Pool bird. But who am I to say which bird it is?

LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH  continues its presence. Rob mentioned seeing one in the midsection of the Ravine, the usual locale of this spring.PRAIRIE WARBLER stays put at the Lower Pool backwater , stying true to the red maple water snag.

Meanwhile over in Greenwood Cemetery , the three top birds of the past few days remain. SUMMER TANAGER, BLUE GROSBEAK and INDIGO BUNTING continue to frequent the east slope and perimeter of the Sylvan Water with a bonus. Daisy Paul tweeted the early report. Later.Adam Nasban reported a flyover RED SHOULDERED HAWK as well.Lets hope the weekender--no doubt itching to get out -are lucky recipients tomorrow.

Enjoy the birding weekend.