Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Common Mergansers trove

A bit of luck and good timing for a rare sighting regarding numbers for a rare species visiting Prospect Lake.

At about 4 pm, I took a quick look at the open water along the Peninsula shore.Only seeing Ruddy Ducks, i thought this was the best today. But farther walking, thru the phragmite sections, another glimpse and seeing open water in the lake middle, I spotted some white ducks.It wasn't until I crossed the Peninsula meadow when to my realization there were more than just one whitish duck.It turned out to be 13 COMMON MERGANSERS.A few were on the ice, 9 hens, 4 drake mergansers  in a flock.

I watched this spectacle, a good moment for quiet Prospect of late, as the flock scattered and then rejoined with 6 hens  congregated by Three Sisters Islands. Then about 415 , they all took off,a dozen gone, with one drake staying behind.

Adding more serendipity, in front of me were three RUSTY BLACKBIRDS that flushed towards the phragmites but came down from the tree along the Peninsula shore,at ladder 18  and a little left.

Good fortune after work and happy to see these birds.Perhaps the lake,as long it is open might hold good species in the coming days.


PS Klemens reported the lone drake Common Merge later, but 4 Rusty Blackbirds.

Klemens photo of remaining drake Common Merganser on the left

Rusty Blackbird ,photo by Klemens