Friday, January 24, 2014

winter survival,the challenge in Prospect

Winter snow covered ground presents a difficult challenge to birds.Its thought to find food, so whatever is available, the birds will take it.

With most of Prospect's ground snow covered, a few patches of open ground helps. Such is the spot at the west edge of the ball fields, below a oak near the construction chain link gate.Among sparrows feeding there, an impressive 9 FOX SPARROWS fed with the White throated.

At Nethermead west, by Center Drive, the large trees. Base showed a little ground.Here with the RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS,at least 3 RUSTY BLACKBIRDS hung together.They moved to several other such spots where tree bases were exposed. After a few visits, they all flushed towards Quaker Cemetery, presumably to find more open ground.

Lastly, a unique observation.As I was about to enter the Cleft Ridge Span, all the sparrows at the other end flushed, spooked by a preying RED TAILED HAWK that flashed quickly across the tunnel mouth.Nice to see that on this frigid day.

Post note:  A single AMERICAN TREE SPARROW has been seen at the feeders, eating suet. Typical other species there

KB NOTE: Curious about the "high" number of Fox Sparrow seen today ,the number is nowhere close to the all time Prospect record. In the late 1950's -early 60's numbers of 50 and higher were seen in Novembers.If ever that happens again, an exact count would be gladly accepted.