Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rainy sightings

This cold rainy day keeps the birders in except the hardy types.I though have to walk home from work thru the park..and I got to see a few nice sightings under soaking circumstances.

First along the road towards Upper Pool from the Tennis House, a sight of 97 AMERICAN ROBINS on the lawn got my attention. Unusual to seeing this large winter flock but its cold and wet and the ground is soaked perhaps sending up the worms.There were two COMMON GRACKLE as well.Yesterday  ,speaking of grackles, the same situation though drier conditions, over 200 COMMON GRACKLES fed under the trees at the front of the band shell. The flock is roving yet coming around for winter delight for any interested birder.

The other good action on this drenched day with rain falling hard on my open umbrella, took place on the Peninsula meadow. Among a mixed flock of Song and White throated Sparrows, two AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS perched in the dogwood along the dirt track that runs along the south edge of the meadow. Adding more delight, 4 HOODED MERGANSERS have returned to the widening water "hole" in the ice at the peninsula shore.Shovelers numbering 90 plus along with 25 AMERICAN COOT and a few AMERICAN BLACK DUCK make up the complimentary sightings. A hoard of CANADA GEESE on the meadow offered no rarity but its always wise to check for different species.

A note to you birders on the Well house.Its closed off now for restoration into a public restroom station...so no birding behind the structure for maybe a year...