Friday, January 24, 2014

Redtail hawk pair and a prowling Coopers

Seen on west slope Lookout hill mid afternoon.bad photo zoom

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A bit of raptor action today, as you can see above the pair of Red-tailed Hawks I found on the west lower slope of Lookout Hill.  But the good action was taking place at the north Vale of Cashmere this morning.

As you may know, someone puts out bird seed on the stone pedestals. The resulting high songbird activity makes it very attractive for a raptor. And of course this morning my coworker and I were delighted watching a very intrigued COOPERS HAWK watching its prey victims below, wondering which one to catch.The accipiter kept flying to various perches, at one point right over the one pedestal full of seed, that was closest to us as we shoveled the stairs.

Who says winter is boring? Not in my book...