Thursday, January 16, 2014

from the Nysb listserve

Subject: Brooklyn Peregrines Date: Thu Jan 16 2014 9:38 am From: matthewwills AT

Just watched a pair of Peregrines fly from the steeple of St. Paul's at Court/Congress. The pair were perching on either side of the cross, and flew east down Bergen before turning left, or north. That's the direction of the scrape at the Brooklyn House of Detention on Atlantic. Love must be in the air.

St. Paul's steeple is one of the highest structures south of downtown BK; it's a reliable raptor perch.

Eyes on the sky, Matthew

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KB NOTE: St Paul's is a church of great significance to me...... ( church of my baptism, and my mothers parish in her young years plus a number of other family to hear the peregrines picked a great church...)