Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sunday walk Audubon; belated Sunday past GWC report

Fom Michele Dreger:

At Audubon Center  First Sunday in February Bird Walk 10 am


Dress warm, bring your binoculars and meet at the Audubon Center at 10am on Sunday, February 2.

Looking forward to seeing you then.


KB note:  Sunday weekend is a warmup, predicted high 47 degrees 

From Orrin ( Sunday report)

Green-Wood Cemetery this morning, for a couple of hours

Reasonably productive, given the conditions

Juvenile red-headed woodpecker continues at its new address, on the north side of Arbor just off of Bayview (pictures)
Yellow-bellied sapsucker (1 seen, a few heard)
Red-bellied woodpecker
Ring-billed gulls (several, flyover)
Dark-eyed junco (1 flock)
American robin (a few)
European starling (a few)
Blue jay (several)

Photos by Orrin T . of juv Red-headed Woodpecker