Wednesday, January 8, 2014

There is life and drama in Prospect's frigid winter woods

Besides woods sightings of Juncos, WT Sparrows,and Fox Sparrow by Boulder Bridge and Cemetery northwest, no doubt the winter morning spectacle of a RED-TAILED HAWK eating a duck in a tree in front of the Wellhouse tops the morning. Flushed up by a dog walker on the Peninsula as I saw the hawk fly up, the RT had already bitten off the duck head .Given its small size the duck meal looks like a Shoveler.

Addendum:  Karen OHearn saw the redtail later , harassed by a second RT and the duck carcass was dropped with a loud bang, cause it was frozen solid.

I would post the photo here but its gory ..without its head ..and bloody.

If you want to see it, email me.( I'm not sure now what species it is...definitely not Donald)