Saturday, April 3, 2021

Consensus on Martin species prospect lake

At least one line of consensus is assured about the mystery Martin flying and perching in Prospect Lake. The NYC RBA is saying it's a tropical species one of --until further analysis --pinpoints it's true identity (if ever): Cuban,Grey breasted or of 3 snowy bellied complex species. Stay tuned.

The mega Martin spent most of the day off the Peninsula Tip ( the rustic shelter) flying with Tree Swallows or alone. At one time to my luck after a tweet it perched in a birch on Music Island .Other birders watch from the Lefrak Rink shoreline plaza as this tropical Martin stuck to the area between the rink,peninsula and duck island.

If anyone's interested there's still the hen Common Merganser and Redthroated Loon on the lake...hmm I guess not with that celebrity super mega Martin around...