Sunday, April 4, 2021

Gray breasted Martin ( pending) Prospect

Today's continuing bird focused on the outer/ Lower Lullwater,the body of water between Terrace Bridge and Peninsulas north shoreline /tip.

Most birders hung around on the pink concrete beach ( opposite the Terrace Bridge) hoping for the Martin's appearance. Behind that beach there was a tall ginkgo tree it perched at the top several times; it also perched next to the Bridge.

Early in the morning it perched over the small cove of the peninsula back hand ( the peninsula is shapes like a hand). I haven't heard it reported over the open lake or straying too far. It did disappeared for time gaps likely flying high on the wing.

If you are not successful ,there's always the Louisiana Waterthush. The walking bobbing warbler first spotted in Binnen water, worked upstream under the Nethermead Bridge where it was seen on the small weirs. I was lucky to see it-- thanks to Charles tip--on the small waterfall in the Ravine just in from Rocky Pass entrance.

Happy Easter everyone ! 🐰🐇🐣