Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Prospect briefs Rover returns

Tuesday in Prospect was highlighted by the return of Rover the eagle.

On the Hammerhead in southwest Prospect Lake, Rover was seen perched in a tree by one of my supevisors. Later Rob Bate witnessed the eagle catching a fish from the lake, a catfish. There's plenty of catfish recipes we can pass along to Rover.It flew up towards Lookout Hill with its meal.

This morning saw the return of Martins. Sorry folks not that one; namely  3 Purple Martins over the lake spotted  early morning by Dale Dyer.

The last good mention regards Louisiana Waterthushes. A few different places were scenes for the tail bobbing bird: Ravine southern weir, Upper Pool,Pagoda's Lily Pool and a late report  of south lake shore behind 3 Sisters Islands. It's that time of the year