Thursday, April 1, 2021

Prospect Lake swallows and morn warblers

Of the small number of swallows flying all over prospect lake,the one that stood out was Purple Martin.

Joining Tree,Barn and Northern Rough winged,the Martin was first spotted off the Peninsula by Doug G. Eventually it made its way over to West Island cove in later afternoon seen by a Mob.

Earlier when it was dreary cold, about 6 PINE WARBLERS settled in the Lullwater on both sides. I was fortunate for Linda Es tipoff to see one low male in poor light. I thought that was going to be my best look for PIWA.  Wrong. After work I sauntered down to the back road of the Pools. Just past the Lower Pool, I saw Kevin R looking at something on the ground. I figured I better get over there. And sure enough there's a bright male Pine in nice sunny light when it cleared up. My spring is made when I get my favorite warbler ( second is orange crowned).

The other highlight for me post work was the still present Red throated loon in the Lake. But what was special is that I saw the loon grab a fish! And I  enjoyed watching the loon swallow the fish as swallows flew above it. 🐟🐡🐡

I had no luck with the Martin but I avoided the mob given the circumstances ( still waiting my 2nd vax in two weeks)