Monday, October 25, 2021

A one day lake wonder is a big deal!

Yesterday's find by Karen O'hearn of the Surf Scoter  in Prospect Lake is a BIG DEAL!

Common out ocean waters,the likelihood of finding a salt water Seafowl on freshwater downstate is extremely rare.

In fact so rare according to the Ebird records the last one here in Prospect Park was 70 years ago! (Dec 2nd,1951)

So congrats in order to Karen.

Below are the lates

Prospect ParkKings, US-NY

2021-10-241Matthew Cook
2021-10-241Doug Gochfeld
2021-10-241Katie Cox
2021-10-241Mike Elfassy
2021-10-241The Big Laskowski
2021-10-241karen o'hearn
1951-12-021NYC Bird Report Data