Saturday, October 16, 2021

Prospect sparrow delights

 A VESPER SPARROW top the chart among sparrows seen today in the usual western Long meadow hotspots.

Tripper Paul discovered this mornings VESPER SPARROW along the fence at field two. It was at this location another good Sparrow - Clay colored was also found.

A second Clay colored sparrow became Trippers second find,seen at Lefrak rink,on the lawn before Duck Island. It was lingering with House Sparrows

At the Sparrow bowl to the north, a Field Sparrow was found by Alex Rosenfelder. The FIELD hung around deep in the dip with a number of White throated sparrows. Grackles overhead were seen signifying this months blackbirds species migration.

The last note regards EASTERN BLUEBIRD,usually expected this month.We go to Greenwood cemetery for this bird,seen in a Juniper cedar on Central ridge.