Thursday, October 7, 2021

Fwd: BBC Thursday walk recap

Ryan Goldberg leading

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From: Ryan Goldberg <>
Date: Thu, Oct 7, 2021, 2:28 PM
Subject: Thursday walk recap
To: Peter Dorosh <>
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Hi Peter,

Here is the checklist from today's walk:

We had another excellent day, with 70 species overall -- and we only glanced at the north side of the lake before breaking up close to 1 PM. The highlight was by far one of the best raptor flights I've seen within the park: 7 species in total, including 6 peregrines, four of them together over the Long Meadow. This flight line seemed to run over Lookout too, since around noon we had a 10-minute rush with red-tails, ospreys, sharpies, cooper's, kestrel and peregrine. After coming down Lookout, two ravens were riding the thermals above the hill too.

The Dickcissel was still hanging around ballfields 2 and 3, and we also found a Yellow-billed Cuckoo in the Sparrow Bowl. The western edge of the Long Meadow from north of the Picnic House to the ballfields was excellent.