Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Fwd: BBC Tuesday walk report

Led by Ryan Goldberg (subbing for Bobbi)

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Wow that's a nice list!  I'm so jealous of the Dickcissel!!!  Thank you Ryan. 

   I'm chasing a vagrant Herman's gull along the Carolina coast but so far no luck

See you all soon! 

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On Oct 5, 2021, at 1:52 PM, Ryan Goldberg <ryan.goldberg@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Peter,

I know you're on vacation but here's the checklist from the Tuesday walk today:

Despite gray skies and NNE winds overnight, the small group that turned out were treated to an outstanding day, continuing the diversity of last week if not the numbers. We ended up with 65 species and a number of notable sightings. 

Terry spotted a Sharp-shinned Hawk whizzing above Lookout early in the morning, and she later picked out a Dickcissel among a big flock of House Sparrows north of the ballfields. Lookout had a great variety of warblers, particularly on the summit, among them Tennessee, Nashville, and Blackburnian. And as we wrapped up the walk around noon, a juvenile Broad-winged Hawk flew low over our heads and circled briefly over the lake.

It's been a great fall!