Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BARNACLE GOOSE Prospect Lake update 10/24

Thanks to Janet Zinn, here are photos you can  view on her facebook gallery for this first time appearance of this goose species ( provenance pending) in Prospect Park.  A bird profile is at the end of this page.

My ebird yahoo group listserve post :

When I finally arrived at the lake this afternoon between 230 and left 315, the

BARNACLE GOOSE was first seen offshore by West Island rustic shelter,gliding

towards 3 Sisters Islands by the lake middle southern shore. It joined up with

Canada geese going towards the peninsula .So heading over there to get a closer

look, I arrived "Over There" only to see that the Barnacle doubled back ,now ashore on the west

shore where I was previously, leading me sort of on a " wild goose chase".

As I approached that spot, it was already gliding away on the lake back to the

flock, its skittish behavior making it a great candidate for a wild one..

Many thanks to Alex Wilson. As " lighting strikes twice" ,potentially, this

incredible fortune for Prospect is again the first time ever a new

species appeared in this park's storied history.. ( Re Western Kingbird a less

2 weeks ago is a first)

I wonder what's next for a first timer...

Great birding,


 Bird profile

Matthew Wills blog post :