Monday, October 29, 2012

hurricane safety; prospect lake birds

A report of 5 BUFFLEHEAD on the lake with 4 PIED BILLED GREBE.

It,s important to  use good judgement in this dangerous time in the park, which flying limbs and falling trees in the pre worst period has already happened this morning.

Though i had to come in under orders but we left already by noon, we saw already a jogger hit by a limb on Ocean Ave next to the park fence by Parkside with emergency vehicle s on the scene; also, my work truck with two coworkers just missed by 5 seconds getting crushed by a giant Willow tree over the Tunnel Arch tunnel by the zoo on that east drive.A biker in front of my truck {yes i was in it)was brushed by the limbs just barely, which sheared off the lamppost there.

so,please don't go into the officially closed park for your safety.