Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Photos; PP Hawk ID;BBG report

Blue Grosbeak , photo by Keir Randall 10/4

Pine Siskin on Eve Primrose, photo by Peter Colen 10/3
 And many thanks to 26 attendees for last night's BBC Rick Wright talk.  PHENOMENAL ! We rock ! :-)  BBC appreciates the support.The next BBC program is November 1st on CUBA birding by Rusty Harold, the last talk for 2012.Mark your calendars.hope to see you there... -KB

Baby Snapper on Well Drive, taken by me Cell phone, sometime in early September.( note .That ISN'T my hand ;-)   )

The ANSWER to 10/3  " for you to identify" Hawk photo by Peter Colen is NORTHERN HARRIER.  Note the long scythe like wings and very long tail. Usually rare for Prospect ( of course, we need to look up for these often high flying birds in season)


From Orrin Tilevitz , BBGarden report 10/4

yesterday morning, BBG:

northern mockingbird

palm warbler

common yellowthroat

brown thrasher

kentucky warbler  (under review)

white-throated sparrow

song sparrow

gray catbid

black-capped chickadee

common grackle (large flock

american robin

brown creeper

red-bellied woodpecker

blue jay

red-breasted nuthatch

eastern phoebe

red-eyed vireo

black-throated blue warbler (mature male)