Sunday, October 21, 2012

Brief notes Oct 21st

This quiet day has a few brief reports to post here for Prospect or Greenwood Cemetery.First Prospect.

Early this morning,Steve Nanz reported 8 PINE SISKINS at Maryland Monument. in the late afternoon ,when I ventured out,at the monument base in the lawn,over 75 CHIPPING SPARROWS with a few other species. At the top of the stairs same spot, I saw either a TENNESSEE WARBLER or ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER that disappeared quickly in the dense flower stand as light waned. Prospect Lake has 4 Coots,17 RUDDY DUCKS and 8 NORTHERN SHOVELERS. *************************************************** In Greenwood Cemetery, Orrin Tilevitz had LINCOLN SPARROW at Crescent Water. Cindy Case reported a GRAY CHEEKED TYPE THRUSH at the Catacombs.